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Brenda Grantland is a retired lawyer based in Mill Valley California. For 40 years she practiced law in federal courts around the country, focusing primarily on federal asset forfeiture defense, crime victims rights and restitution, civil rights litigation (Bivens and §1983), civil and criminal appeals, and criminal post-conviction remedies. She also defended lawyers and other professionals in disciplinary actions.

Brenda has been an activist advocating forfeiture reform since 1992, and was one of the founding members of Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (“FEAR”). She has served on FEAR’s board of directors since its incorporation as a non-profit, and currently serves as board president. Starting in 1992 she led FEAR’s grass-roots effort to reform state and federal forfeiture laws, testifying once before Congress and numerous times in the California legislature, and consulting with legislative sponsors of forfeiture reform bills. The late U.S. Representative Henry Hyde, sponsor of the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000 (“CAFRA”), thanked Brenda personally for the eight years she had spent lobbying for forfeiture reform in his remarks to Congress the day CAFRA passed.

Brenda is also an author with a number of published works including paperback books, a 2-hour continuing legal education video DVD, and several e-books. All of her publications currently in print are available for purchase on this site, in the right column below.

Brenda has a blog, Truth and Justice Blog – which covers politics and current events, as well as law.

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