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One hour phone consultation with Brenda Grantland – $300. Unused minutes may be reserved for future use.

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Brenda Grantland has defended asset forfeiture cases since 1983, and she has served on the board of directors of Forfeiture Endangers American Rights Foundation since its founding in 1993, currently as board president.  For over two decades she gave free advice to countless forfeiture victims and lawyers new to forfeiture defense and aided forfeiture victims in defending themselves when they could not afford a lawyer. She no longer gives free legal advice, but for $300 per hour she will consult over the phone and answer your questions on federal forfeiture law and California state forfeiture law.

To schedule a phone consultation, purchase a consultation here and pay for it through Paypal, then email with and tell her when you would like to talk. If you don’t use up your full hour, you may reserve the rest for future consultations. Time spent reviewing documents and reading and replying to your email counts toward the billable hours.

You may later purchase additional blocks of time, but if you need to consult for more than 3 hours you must sign a consultation retainer agreement.


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