Hatatorium: An Essential Guide for Hat Collectors



by Brenda Grantland, Mary Robak, Tammy Markwick, Jeffrey Moss & friends
large ebook – 111,111 words (302 pages in the full size pdf version)
Second Edition published 1/11/2013. Buy with Paypal and instantly download. $14.99

This eBook was created to give vintage hat collectors and sellers a comprehensive reference book they can carry with them, to auctions, vintage stores, estate sales, museums or anywhere they may shop for collectible hats, to look up important information to help them make informed purchases. Unlike paper books, this eBook is also interactive. Links in the text lead to internet resources including photos of great hats in the collections of art museums around the world.

There are hundreds of color images in the book itself, and it interfaces with the Hatatorium Gallery, which contains thousands of color photos of hats from the authors’ and their friends’ collections.

Most of the book is comprised of condensed reference guides on hat styles, materials and milliner labels. Within each of those chapters the entries are arranged alphabetically, with thumbnail photos beside the entries that are buttons that open albums in the Hatatorium gallery. Hundreds other links lead to photos of hats in online museums and other resources on the internet.

The milliner directory has been expanded to consume two-thirds of the book — 183 pages in the full size pdf version. Approximately 1850 milliners & store labels are now profiled, with links to examples in 286 milliner photo albums in the accompanying Hatatorium website gallery. We also expanded the styles section (now 32 pages in the pdf version, linking to 112 style albums). We also updated all the other chapters and expanded sections on: materials, cleaning and restoration techniques, photographing hats, and additional resources.

Available in ebook formats: for Kindle, Nook, iPad and most other eReaders. Those without eReaders can use the interactive pdf format on their computers.