Forfeiture 101 DVD

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Forfeiture 101 (DVD)
(c) 2009 FEAR Foundation

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written and recorded by Brenda Grantland Esq. and Judy Osburn, with Joe Cadle as Moses
co-produced by Joe Cadle and Brenda Grantland

2-hour intensive video training course in forfeiture law and procedure. Comprehensive and jam-packed – but entertaining!

If you are new to forfeiture and need to defend your first case, we recommend that you buy this DVD and FEAR’s Asset Forfeiture Defense Manual.



Two-hour DVD was $100, reduced to $50 plus $8 shipping and handling

Forfeiture 101 is a comprehensive Continuing Legal Education course in federal civil and criminal forfeiture law and procedure jam-packed into a two hour video DVD.  It includes all the basics defense attorneys and forfeiture victims need to effectively navigate complex federal forfeiture procedure and substantive law. It is so concentrated you may have to watch it a few times.

With over-400 forfeiture-triggering offenses prosecutors can use to forfeit property it was hard enough to keep up with substantive law, much less the procedure.  The massive reforms of forfeiture procedure brought about by the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000 added much needed due process protections for most types of forfeiture cases, but it made procedures extremely complicated and confusing.  Even veteran forfeiture lawyers are sometimes unaware of, or even stumped by the labyrinthine process that now exists after CAFRA.

Lawyers defending their first forfeiture cases suddenly find that law school never prepared them for the maze of complex laws and arcane procedures based on in rem principles and the Supplemental Rules for Admiralty. This DVD also explains CAFRA’s two sets of procedures, and how to tell which set applies to your statute. Forfeiture victims will find this DVD to be a godsend, especially for those forced to represent themselves because they can’t afford counsel.  The complex procedures and elements of forfeiture defenses are laid out in easy to understand, bulleted lists, similar to the concentrated outlines encountered in bar review courses. Citations to the statutes and cases referred to appear on the screen while they are being discussed.

This entertaining and informative two-hour DVD serves as a crash (or refresher) course in forfeiture law and procedure, as well as an interactive computer research tool. Pop the DVD in your computer and click the menu for the chapter you need to review. As you listen to a narrative overview of the issues, you can pause at any time and make notes of the elements and citations that appear on the screen.

Contents of FEAR’s Forfeiture 101 DVD
Chapter 1: Dangerous Misconceptions About Forfeiture
Chapter 2: Historical Origins of Forfeiture’s Quirky Procedures
Chapter 3: The Ever-Growing Number of Forfeiture Laws
Chapter 4: Defenses Against Forfeiture
Chapter 5: Which Track: Civil or Criminal Forfeiture?
Chapter 6: Civil Forfeiture: A Torturous, Treacherous Trail
Chapter 7: A Fork in the Path: CAFRA or Customs Procedures?
Chapter 8: An Alternate Route: Criminal Forfeiture

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