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If you have been following my website you’ll know that I’ve had a blog for a number of years. It started out as a subdirectory of my law office website. Then I moved it to its own separate domain, Then I started blogging about many different things including current events and this crazy (scary) 2016 election. I also allowed some guest bloggers to post on Truth and Justice Blog.

After a while it was hard to find my law related blogs in the growing collection of blog posts on Truth and Justice Blog. So, for those of you who just want to read blogs about asset forfeiture, crime victims’ rights, the criminal justice system, and other legal topics, you can find them here.

Please feel free to post comments, so long as they are about the subject matter of the blog. Spammers will be permanently banned. Also note that the things you post there can be viewed by the public (including law enforcement) so don’t sensitive information about your forfeiture case. Please note: I do not give free legal advice to clients or other lawyers, but I do consult on an hourly basis. If you want to ask me “just a few quick questions” use the Paypal button to schedule a block of my time for a phone consultation. Search through my blogs here and on Truth and Justice Blog and you may find the answer to your question. For questions about forfeiture law and procedure see the Forfeiture Endangers American Rights ( website.