Yikes – Sessions was confirmed as Attorney General!

(c) Brenda Grantland, Esq., Feb. 8, 2017

We are in deep water now.

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions was confirmed as Attorney General today!

Much of the progress that our country has made in recent decades in attempting to restore some due process in forfeiture cases, civil rights, and protection against police misconduct will likely be reversed beginning now.

In my blog from February 4 I explain why I thought Sessions should not be appointed Attorney General. Add to all of my reasons the letter written in 1986 by the late Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King, to the Senate urging them to oppose Sessions’ appointment as a federal judge.  Senator Bernie Sanders read her letter into the record today in this Twitter video.


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Your House Is Under Arrest, 2nd edition Brenda Grantland, Esq.

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